Vettec Sole Guard 160cc

Vettec Sole Guard 160cc

Product Description

SoleGuard is ideal for giving support and protection to barefoot hooves and is especially beneficial to thin-soled horses and ponies. Sole Guard will last up to 10 days on an unshod horse being used for light riding, more strenuous riding could decrease the time it remains intact.  Apply as a thin glaze onto the sole from the heels moving around the frog then press Vettec Contouring Plastic onto the foot and work the pad material towards the edges of the hoof.  Stop before the white line area.  When set carefully remove the contouring plastic, pressing the pad material back into the hoof to eliminate any lifting with the plastic.  Sole Guard remains tacky so dust with baby powder or wood shavings before replacing the hoof on the ground. (This is particularly necessary if using rubber matting.)  The hooves should not be picked out after the product is applied, and you will not need to remove it.  As new, thicker sole growth is stimulated the old sole will slough off, taking the Sole Guard with it.

  • For use as a protective layer
  • Apply directly to the sole and frog
  • Fast and convenient
  • Bonds to the foot for 10 days
  • Provides protection and support
  • Great for providing support for heavy, late term brood mares
  • Temporary protection for horses transitioning from shod to barefoot
  • Can also be used as a thin protective layer on the shod foot

Vettec Sole Guard is designed to bond direct to the foot to provide barefoot horses with a sole pad.

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