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Magnesium is essential for brain and nerve function. It is also vital for hair and horn growth. Many pastures are deficient in magnesium so supplementation is often necessary. Can also help neutralise excess stomach acid.

A readily absorbable source of magnesium. It is often deficient within grazing pastures and not supplemented enough in all concentrate feeds. A magnesium oxide supplement has approximately a 50% absorption rate, however the advantage of using it is that if there is no deficiency the body won’t absorb the excess, meaning an overdose is highly unlikely.

Magnesium Oxide can help reduce the risk of laminitis because it helps re-balance the areas of the diet with low-magnesium while also combating fat deposition in overweight horses, in particular “cresty necks”.

The circulatory support from magnesium aids with the prevention of abnormal constriction of the blood vessels, thus helping reduce vascular deficiency in the extremities.


Light Grade Magnesium Oxide Supplement

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