Swiss Galopper Hoof Boot Range

Swiss Galopper Hoof Boots available from Online Equine. These hoof boots are simple and easy to apply/remove. Offering optimal comfort, these boots have been designed for use on barefoot horses when being ridden, constructed with tear-proof and shock absorbing soles they are hardwearing and versatile, low profile boots. The sealing straps are made from seatbelt material ensuring that they are strong. 


Swiss GaloppersSwiss Galoppers
Swiss Galoppers
The Swiss Galopper (yes, it is spelt like that, not Swiss Galloper - it's the Swiss spelling!) is a hoof boot from Switzerland and has been extensively and successfully tested. It features: - Low profile - Easy on-off - Anti-twist insole - Heel section articulation - Easy to clean - All-round fastening strap - Sold in pairs with Heel Protector/Short Gaiter
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