Silverfeet Hoof Balm

Silverfeet Hoof Balm
Silverfeet Hoof BalmSilverfeet Hoof BalmSilverfeet Hoof BalmSilverfeet Hoof Balm

Product Description

Silverfeet is a new antimicrobial hoof balm, designed for daily use. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients with an important addition – silver. Laboratory experiments have shown that even in a very low, safe and non-toxic concentration, the silver in Silverfeet prevents the growth of hoof bacteria and fungi within just hours of application. Reduced levels of bacteria and fungi result in a stronger, healthier hoof and improved performance.
Although Silverfeet can be used as part of a treatment package for ‘infected’ hooves, it is primarily designed to be preventative when used daily as part of a routine hoof maintenance regime. Silverfeet is not only antimicrobial but also fulfils the function of regular hoof oil by both moisturising and conditioning.
Silverfeet Antimicrobial Hoof Balm has a pleasing smell and is formulated to a non-spill but easy-to-apply consistency. It is available in two colours: natural and black. When Silverfeet is applied, natural hoof colour is not altered but enhanced, producing a lasting shine.

Silverfeet harnesses the antimicrobial properties of silver molecules

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