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Shoe loss is a costly concern for any horse owner – the risk of damage to the hoof each time the shoe is pulled off, leading to weaker horn and less wall for the farrier to nail into each time - it is a vicious circle. Then there is a risk of injury from standing on cast shoes in the field resulting in bruising/abscesses. ShoeSecure prevents shoe loss and injuries associated with over-reaching by protecting the heels of the horse and its shoes. 

Fitting is quick and easy with two SupaStuds, giving horse owners the freedom to fit and remove the ShoeSecure. Simply rinse to clean.

ShoeSecure comes in two sizes (Small and Medium) accommodating shoes from 10 – 16.5cm in diameter. 

Small: 10cm-13cm / 4" - 5"

Medium: 13cm - 16.5cm / 5" - 6.5"

(Measurement of hoof width)

ShoeSecure - The Horseshoe Shield

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