Scoot Boot Endurance Gaiters Old Style

Scoot Boot Endurance Gaiters

Product Description

The Scoot Boot  Endurance Gaiters are made from neoprene, are easy to fit and especially relevant for  sensitive-skinned horses and for endurance riders travelling long distances.

For many riders, the trail gaiters which come as standard with a pair of Scoot Boots will be sufficient and the Endurance gaiters will not be necessary.

The Endurance Gaiters can be bought from Online Equine as a single pair or in packs of two pairs. The Scoot Boot fit is as follows:

Small - Sizes 0,1,2

Medium - Sizes 3,4,5

Large - Sizes 6,7,8

The Scoot Boot  Endurance Gaiters provide protection for the  lower back of the pastern and rear coronet area


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