SBS Thrush Stop 4oz BLUE

Thrush Stop Blue

Product Description

THRUSH STOP BLUE creates an antiseptic barrier between thrush and healthy tissue by actually bonding to the hoof protein for long lasting protection. THRUSH STOP BLUE is not caustic like other commercial preparations that can mummify and stunt new horn growth. THRUSH STOP BLUE is safe to use, it contains no formaldehyde (formalin) or other cancer causing agents. THRUSH STOP BLUE can be used before applying silicone and sole pads to reduce the possibility of reinfection, and it is also effective against stubborn Candida (yeast) infections.

THRUSH STOP BLUE is a stronger version with an added fungicide to treat stubborn bacterial and fungal infections along the white line, clefts of the frog, cracks and nail holes. THRUSH STOP BLUE contains blue dye which stains the hoof to show you where to re-apply as the colour fades. The gel formula doesn't run, making application easy and effective.


SBS Thrush Stop BLUE is a powerful antibacterial gel that attacks and kills the hoof eating microbes and bacterium that cause thrush. It contains added fungicide ingredients and blue dye. 

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