Save Edge Photo Finish Rasp

Save-Edge Photo Finish Rasp

Product Description

The Save Edge Photo Finish rasp combines two of the well-known Save Edge features - the rasp teeth that Save Edge is known for on  the 'coarse' side, and the super smooth cutting file of the Save Edge finishing rasp on the other.

This combination provides a tremendous tool for use on everything from barefoot horses to show horses and racehorses, where an extra measure of precision and finish is needed.

Save Edge also manufacture the Original hoof rasp, a 14 in. hoof rasp with a coarse side and a standard finishing side and the Finishing Touch rasp, which has  specially designed teeth to produce a show quality finish on one side and the standard finishing side on the other. The Beast Save Edge rasp is another option. The Beast is a wider hoof rasp offering 35% more cutting surface, and is available in 14 in. and 17 in. versions.

All Save-Edge rasps are made by Save Edge in the USA.


Customer Reviews

The photo finish will give a glass like finish to the hoof for the perfect final touch

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