Save Edge BEAST Rasp

Save-Edge Beast Hoof Rasp

Product Description

The Save Edge Beast Horse Hoof Rasp is a wide hoof rasp and offers 35% more cutting surface than the standard Save Edge Original  Farrier Rasp, which  has for long been one of the most popular horse rasps used by hoofcare professionals.

With one side coarse for cutting through the hoof and the other finer to provide a clean finish, the Save Edge Beast is an excellent all-purpose hoof rasp for the larger horse. It is available in 17 inch length.

Save Edge also manufacture the Finishing Touch rasp, which has specially designed teeth to produce a show quality finish on one side and the standard finishing side on the other, and the Photo Finish Rasp, which has the same coarse side as the Original and the finer Finishing Touch finishing side on the other. The Beast Save Edge rasp is another option.

All Save Edge rasps are made by Save Edge in the USA.



Wider version of the standard Save Edge rasp, Available in  XL 17" size

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