Riders Rasp

Riders Rasp

Product Description

The Riders Rasp was designed as an ergonomic tool to aid hoofcare.

Features of the Riders Rasp:
* Designed by W.J. Tomlinson, an American Farriers Association Certified Journeyman Farrier

* Extensively tested over a number of years

* Rasp blades manufactured to 52 Rockwell hardness, with a stainless steel protective plate

* Non-slip sides, ergonomic grip can be reversed for small or large hands

* Improves hoof condition and helps prevent chips and cracks

* Helps to eliminate flare and ease breakover * Supports hoof balance and soundness

* Easy to use

* Saves money

* Ideal for youngsters and shod horses as well as unshod and barefoot equines

Spare blades can also be purchased.