Radius Rasp Pro-2

Radius Rasp Pro-2
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Product Description

The Radius Rasp Pro-2 is a second generation rasp from Evolutionary Hoofcare of the USA. The rasp is designed to provide a coarser cut than the original Radius Rasp-1, and will cut through hard horn to enable  the Mustang Roll to be achieved.

The Radius Rasp Pro-2 has a curved shape unlike many straight-bladed farrier rasps. This allows for the smooth, consistent rounding of the hoof wall.

To acheive the best results, the Radius Rasp is best used with quick, light-pressure strokes. It can be used with one hand, allowing the other hand to hold the horse's hoof.

The rasp also contains a strong magnet so that it can be attached to a hoof stand or other metal surface.

Replacement blades are also available.



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