Online Equine Hoof Powder 50g

Online Equine Hoof Powder 50g

Product Description

Online Equine Hoof Powder is an antibacterial and antifungal powder ideal for drying out soggy frogs, deodorising hoof boots, and plugging small holes in the white line.

Easy to use puff bottle with spout for directional application.


Directions for Use:

Shake a small amount into the hoof and frog, paying particular attention to the collateral grooves and central sulcus.

If using for hoof boots: Dry off the boot as much as possible.  Puff a small amount into the dry or damp boot and rotate or shake gently to distribute.  Leave overnight if possible and shake excess powder out of the boot before use.



Diatomaceous Earth, White Clay, Green Clay, Lavender, Thyme, Oregano & Eucalyptus

Online Equine Hoof Powder 50g - A blend of naturally absorbent powders and essential oils 

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