11th July 2018

Equine Fusion 24/7 Trial

Equine Fusion 24/7 Trial

Here at Online Equine we have recently asked some lucky candidiates to trial Equine Fusion's 24/7 Jogging Shoe! This shoe is a glue on version which means you dont need to put on/take off the shoes when you're using them. The application process takes minutes and the shoes typically last 6 weeks. Below are the results of our first trial:


Case Study

 Name: Dak

Breed: Thoroughbred

Workload: Medium

Boot size and fit: 12 Regular; not a perfect fit however slims were too narrow, very slight gapping.

Trial Length: 4 weeks


Dak was fitted with a pair of Equine Fusion 24/7 Jogging Shoes, the fit kit was used to assess his size and the best fit for him was the 12 regular. Due to the regulations in place in the UK owners cannot glue on hoof boots themselves and must use a qualified professional. The shape of his feet meant there was slight gapping with the regular fit boots; however the slim version were too narrow. The boots are designed to last the same length as a typical shoe cycle, approximately 6 weeks. Once Dak had his boots glued on his owner Laura provided us with feedback over the course of the trial.


Immediately she noticed that his movement in walk had improved, Laura informed us that Dak was much more relaxed when walking, whereas before the boots were fitted he appeared to be walking on eggshells, struggling especially on stony, hard and uneven ground. Laura also noted that before the boots were fitted, Dak would try to walk on the grass verge next to the track, but after receiving his boots he would happily walk down the stony track. Laura expressed her concerns of the back of the boots being low; this could potentially be caught by a horse that overreaches, resulting in the boot not lasting as long or possible loss of a boot. Overreach boots can be used with the Equine Fusion 24/7 shoes, to begin with Laura used a pair of overreach boots but soon decided she did not require them.

Over the course of the trial Laura mentioned everything was going well regarding the boots staying in place, Dak’s way of going was improved and he was no longer uptight and nervous about stepping onto stony, hard surfaces. Whilst out hacking Dak would stride out happily and easily, proving the boots were doing a good job at protecting his sensitive soles and ensuring he was more comfortable.


Unfortunately after 4 weeks, the trial was cut short after Dak lost one of his boots out hacking. His workload included a lot of cantering over hard and uneven surfaces, so it is believed he may have overreached and caught the boot. The boot came off cleanly, leaving no damage to his hoof. The fact the boots had slight gapping to begin with could have also contributed to the loss of a boot. Although he lost a boot it could have been re-applied to his hoof by the farrier. The other boot was then removed, again there was no damage to the hoof and the boot was in very good condition so could be re-applied. Another concern was that stones may enter through the hole in the sole of the shoe, despite having this concern there were no stones inside the shoe on removal. There was also nothing wedged in the rim of the shoe.


After the trial it was concluded that the Equine Fusion 24/7 Jogging Shoe is a safe, non-invasive solution for a horse with soft soles or a horse where the use of nails may have a detrimental impact on the integrity of the hoof wall, for example a horse with brittle hooves. The 24/7 shoe is economical as it can be re-used; although Dak lost one of his, this could have been because the fit of this particular brand was not right for him, or overreaching may have occurred, ultimately having the same impact as a shod horse which overreaches.

9th June 2017


The SCOOT BOOT is proving popular, particularly for those looking for a 'low profile' hoof boot and now Scoot have announced some new versions.

From later this month (June 2017) or next, the Scoot Boot Slims will be available in sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4. They are designed to fit contracted hooves or 'hard to fit' hind hooves. The new boots will be the same length as the current standard model but significantly narrower at 5mm less each side (10mm overall), and so will be suitable for a considerably wider range of horses. 

As soon as the Slims are available we will advise customers on this website, but if you have a particular interest in a pair, please let us know in advance.

In addition, Scoot will be bringing out a Size 9 later in the summer to accommodate larger hooves that are 150mm plus  in length.

12th April 2017

IN WITH THE NEW AND IN WITH THE OLD - Swiss Galopper and Old Mac's G2

IN WITH THE NEW AND IN WITH THE OLD - Swiss Galopper and Old Mac's G2

The new Swiss Galoppers Hoof Boots are now in stock in sizes 4 - 7 (the only sizes made so far) and have started to sell. Those who have had them and tried them seem very happy with them. At the same time, our new stock of the 'new' Old Mac's G2 boots is also in and these are taking up where they left off in terms of  popularity. These are the 'old' Old Mac's which were for a while discontinued to be replaced by the New Mac, but have been recently  brought back by Easycare by popular demand.Old Mac's G2 Hoof Boot

28th February 2017




Dedicated fans of the evergreen Old Mac's G2 boot from Easycare will be pleased to hear that, like a gunslinger riding in from the West, the boot is making a comeback.

Although the New Mac, the Old Mac's successor, has been successful and incorporates some new features, it is expensive and, for many long-time users, has not displaced the Old Mac's in their affections. Therefore Easycare have decided to bring Old Mac's back by popular demand and the two boots will run alongside each other in the range.

The 'new' Old Mac's G2 will have the same design and features. The only changes are a stronger buckle and Easycare have stitched and glued the side flaps, which were just glued down in the earlier version. A wider version of the boot is also being tested.

Stocks of the 'new' Old Mac's G2 were supposed to be available already, but the first shipment to Easycare did not meet their quality standards and we are awaiting news of another shipment. The boots can, for the moment, be pre-ordered on this website.


Equine Fusion have brought out a new boot that combines two of the models in their range. The All Terrain Ultra has the deeper, grippier sole tread of the All Terrain, with the all-round-the-hoof strap closure of the Ultra.

The company were concerned that, owing to lower limb conformation, some horses and ponies  move forward with a slight twisting of the hoof during contact with the ground. This obviously presents a challenge to hoof boot manufacturers since boots may swivel on the hoof even when the fit is correct. The All
Terrain Ultra aims to address this issue by combining the protective sole of the All Terrain with the more adjustable outer strap fastening system of the Ultra.

The All Terrain Ultra will be available from March 2017.


 An entirely new hoof boot on the market is the innovative Swiss Galopper. This is a low profile boot with a hard-wearing but flexible sole. No fabrics are used in the upper and so there is no danger of waterlogging.The boot is secured on the hoof by a strap that runs right around the boot and is secured at the front by a velcro closure. Made in Switzerland, the boot is of a high quality, but inevitably expensive. Trials that have taken place in the U.k. and around Europe have so far yielded very positive feedback. The Swiss Galopper will be available on Online Equine in March or April 2017.


2nd December 2016

New Wet Weather Hoof Rasp from Mustad

New Wet Weather Hoof Rasp from Mustad

Mustad Hoofcare have brought out a new hoof rasp, the Heller Excel Legend, also known colloquially as the 'green' rasp, as its tang is green to distinguish it from the Heller Excel Original rasp.

Like the Excel, the Excel Legend is ten per cent wider than standard rasps, offering a larger working surface for improved levelling, efficiency, control and hoof balance. This rasp has also  been especially designed for work in wet conditions and leaves a smooth, glossy finish.

The finishing side has a filing surface cut at a single angle, similar to the Save-Edge Photo Finish, as opposed to the double (cross) angle of the finishng side of the Excel Original.

The price for the Excel Legend is the same as for the Excel Original at £24.75 for a single rasp and £117.75 for a box/5.

30th September 2016



We're exhibiting at @YourHorseLive this year. Visit us on Stand 468, where we  will have a full array of hoof boots and hoofcare tools and accessories.

Say the organisers:

“Your Horse Live (Nov 12-13) is set to be an unmissable shopping extravaganza with over 350 shopping stands, brands, retailers and top manufacturers offering great bargains for you and your horse, alongside amazing entertainment from the world’s best riders and trainers. Save £££s when booking your ticket online in advance. Visit

Your Horse Live  is also  the place to be to see world class equestrians perform, learn from top experts and watch an unmissable performance from Lorenzo the flying French Man plus much, much more! "

8th September 2016

Atlantic Equine Appointed Official Distributor for Easycare

Atlantic Equine Appointed Official Distributor for Easycare

Atlantic Equine, owner of the Online Equine website,  has been appointed an official distributor for Easycare in the U.K.

Easycare are manufacturers of a wide range of hoof boots and hoof protection products including the Cloud (particularly good for laminitics), the Glove (for performance horses), the New Mac (successor to the very successful Old Mac), the Trail, the Back Country, the RX, the Transition and a whole range of accessories.

"We are excited about growing our sales in the U.K. market and believe working with Atlantic Equine will help us better accomplish our goals," said Garrett Ford, President of Easycare inc. "The addition allows Easycare to sell to a different market segment and broaden our reach."

Tony Lindsell of Atlantic Equine said, "Hoof boots are clearly a growing market. Farriers are incresingly seeing boots as another tool in their toolbox and the most suitable option for some horses. And many horse owners are already using hoof boots or are interested to try them. We are delighted to add the wide selection of Easycare products to our range."

19th August 2016



Life Data, equine hoofcare specialists and manufacturers of the very successful Farriers Formula hoof feed supplement, have introduced a new product to the market - Life Data Hoof Clay.

Water, mud, urine, faeces, debris and other material from the stable and general environment can enter the hoof through old nail holes, hoof cracks and  white line separation, causing further problems.

Life Data Hoof Clay is designed to obviate these problems naturally. It is a non-caustic, pliable and sticky clay that easily packs into hoof wall cracks and defects and  old nail holes.

It is  non-irritating and can be applied without gloves, usually with a small spatula or tongue depressor. It has  a safe and natural formulation that does not burn or damage soft and sensitive tissue, being  made from silicon (clay), grain extract, tea tree oil, iodine and yucca extract. The product can safely be used on both the shod and barefoot horse.

It is 'sticky' enough to stay in place for several days. On the barefoot horse and in muddy conditions, it is expected that an effective amount of Life Data Hoof Clay will stay in place in the sulci around the frog for around three days, whereas in dry conditions it may stay in place for approximately one week

Life Data Hoof Clay is available for sale at £10.95

2nd June 2016

How to measure your horse for hoof boots

How to measure your horse for hoof boots

Measuring your horse for hoof boots is a crucial thing to get right, Too big and they're going to turn when on and cause problems, too small and the fit will be too tight and be uncomfortable for the horse. Ideally the best time to measure is after a fresh trim as the boots have a growth tolerance built into them in order for them to be comfortable throughout the entire trimming cycle.

For measuring it is always worth using a metal ruler as fabric tapes can give inconsistent readings. Take the first measurement across the hoof from the widest point, Then measure from the toe back to the buttress line of the heel, Don't worry if you get different measurements on both feet, It's very rare that 2 hooves are symmetrical. The below image shows you what points to measure.

Alternatively you can paint your horses sole with hoof oil and stand them on some card and measure the imprint on the card if you are struggling to measure the hoof. 
All the major hoof boot manufacturers such as EasycareCavalloEquine Fusion & Scoot Boot have their size charts readily available so you can compare your measurements and select the right boot you need, If you have any doubts though, Simply give Online Equine a call and the helpful support team can assist you in selecting the right boot!
There is always the option of using a fit kit to make doubly sure that you have the right size, These usually comprise of the base of the size you think you need with the size above and below it included just to give you peace of mind. 
27th May 2016

Choose your weapon! Picking the right tools for barefoot trimming

Choose your weapon! Picking the right tools for barefoot trimming

Below is a blog extract from Easycare's Maria Siebrand;

Wandering around a farrier's supply store, whether in person or online, can be a little boggling. You really just need nippers, a hoof knife, and a rasp... but which ones?

First and foremost, be prepared to spend some money on your tools. Whether you plan to be a professional barefoot trimmer, or you're just trimming your own horse, good tools will make the job easier, and will last much longer. That said, not all good quality tools are more expensive than the others.


Hoof Knives

I have a dozen different hoof knives (what can I say...I like knives!) Among them are a couple of custom hand-made knives that cost upwards of £150. But my favorite knife is a simple, sturdy loop blade that retails for around £30. A loop knife is essentially a right- and a left-handed blade in one knife. I find this much easier to use than having to switch knives constantly between left and right. The size of the loop is important. For an average size hoof, you'll want a smaller loop; for draft feet, a larger loop.




I started out with a really inexpensive pair of nippers, and they made my life miserable. If you want to save money, better to skimp on your knife and rasp, and not your nippers.
Nippers come in many shapes and sizes. Handle lengths range from 12 to 15 inches. The longer the handles, the more leverage you'll have for getting through thick, tough walls. But on smaller horses and ponies, long handles make things difficult. I use a pair of high quality 14" nippers for most horses, but I also carry an inexpensive pair of 12" racetrack nippers for the little guys. 
Racetrack nippers have a narrower blade, which some trimmers find easier to use. Then there are half round nippers, which have a round, instead of straight, blade. Half rounds are handy for getting at hard to reach areas, and are useful for things like hoof wall resections, prying out exfoliating sole, or taking down excessive bars.
You can purchase nipper springs to use your nippers one-handed. This can be a useful tool for trimming squirrelly horses. If you have small hands, you'll probably find you can only use the 12 inch nippers with the nipper spring.




Rasps vary widely in sharpness and smoothness. Rock hard, arid weather feet will require a sharper rasp, while wet weather feet will require a smoother rasp with less bite. A standard rasp measures 14 inches in length, but 17 and 18 inch rasps are available for trimming draft feet. An excellent all around choice is the Save Edge rasp.
Keep all of your tools clean and covered to protect them from rust and dust. You can simply keep your rasp in the cardboard sleeve it came in. Good quality rasps will usually come in a plastic cover, which can be reused. I wrap these plastic sleeves in duct tape for a little extra durability, and they work great. Knives don't usually come with a sleeve or cover, but keeping them wrapped in a towel or a piece of suede will do the trick.


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