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The Easyboot New Mac  is a complete hoof boot revolution and a complete overhaul of the Old Mac’s

The New Mac shares a lot of design features with the New Trail Hoof Boot which has been very popular. The main similarity is that they both share the unique Easycare Hoof Suspension System for optimal comfort for the horse. The sole is constructed from high tech Thermoplastic Urethane which is well renowned for its shock absorbing properties. The New Mac also features the double top roll neoprene to eliminate rubbing and chaffing.

The upper shell of the New Mac is painted from the underside so these boots will definitely pass the test of time and look good throughout. The front shield has been made out of tough, impact resistant plastic rather than the cordura material found on the Old Mac’s which has improved the durability of the boot.

The New Mac fitting has been refined and is now much easier to apply and remove than before. The rear snug strap is now Hook & Loop, rather than buckles and are also reversible to enable the boot to be used on the left or right hoof.

The tread pattern is slightly less aggressive the original Old Mac’s.

Designed for general riding use up to 25 miles a week


Measuring and Fitting


 The Easyboot New Mac Hoof Boot is an evolution of the highly popular Old Mac Hoof Boot

Sold in pairs

**Limited sizes and stock available**

Sizes Available: 

1 x Pair Size 0 



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