Life Data Hoof Clay

Life Data Hoof Clay

Product Description

Life Data® Hoof Clay is a non-caustic, pliable and sticky clay that easily packs and remains in place within wall cracks, wall defects, old nail holes, and hoof wall separations on shod and barefoot horses.
It is non-irritating so can be applied without wearing gloves. It contains a safe to handle formulation made from silicon (clay), grain extract, tea tree oil, iodine, and yucca extract.
Water, mud, faeces, debris and other material from the environment can get into old nail holes, hoof cracks, white line and other areas of the hoof. In optimum conditions, the Hoof Clay may remain in the hoof for up to a week.  In wet and muddy conditions, an effective amount of Hoof Clay may stay in the sulci around the frog and on hoof wall defects for approximately 2 to 3 days.

In shod horses, it can be beneficial to apply a coat of Life Data® Hoof Clay along the white line area at each reset prior to nailing on the shoe.

Application Instructions

Life Data Hoof Clay 284g is a pliable clay for packing hoof wall cracks and damage caused by shoeing or trauma.

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