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Here you will find a range of Hoof Jacks, Shoe Pullers, Knife Sharpeners, Rasp Handles & more

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Hoofjack (Hoof Jack) Hoof StandsHoofjack (Hoof Jack) Hoof Stands
Hoofjack (Hoof Jack) Hoof Stands
The Hoof Jack hoof support
from £185.50
Con Cuero Elite Apron
Con Cuero Elite Apron
The Con Cuero Elite apron is an excellent lightweight apron for the hoofcare practitioner. With two knife pockets each side and a magnet, it is highly practical. Made from very good Spanish leather, it has a buckle around the waist and tenax poppers and velcro attach it round the leg.
from £178.25

Gibbins Trimming ApronGibbins Trimming Apron
Gibbins Trimming Apron
The Gibbins Flamemaster Trimming Apron is ideal for hoof trimming in the paddocks without having to continuously pick your tools off the ground. The side pockets will accommodate a rasp or hoof nippers as well as knives. The Flamemaster upper is made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester and combines state of the art technology in flame retardant finishing with the hard-wearing and aesthetic properties...
Gibbins Flamemaster Tearaway Apron
Gibbins Flamemaster Tearaway Apron
Gibbins Tearaway apron - a great value lightweight trimming apron
from £135.50

Pocket FarrierPocket Farrier
Pocket Farrier
Swan Pocket Farrier
Shoe Removal KitShoe Removal Kit
Shoe Removal Kit
Our Shoe Removal Kit is a tool wrap containing the combination of tools that might be needed for emergency removal of a horseshoe. The Standard kit comprises of the following items: Shoe pullers Buffer Hammer Wire brush Roll of gaffer tape Nail pullers Tool wrap with correctly sized compartments The kit is also available without the nail pullers in an Economy version. There is also a slot for...
from £77.95

Must Have
ShoeSecure - The Horseshoe Shield
PB Edger Knife Sharpener
PB Edger Knife Sharpener
The PB Edger is a superb two-ended knife sharpener. Its tungsten tip has four working sides which increases the life of the tool fourfold. The tip is narrow enough to get inside the loop of even an abscess loop knife. The tool can be reversed in its holder to utilise the diamond honing tool to remove any burrs from the back of the blade, to give an even sharper finish. "The best tungsten sharpener...

Shoe Pullers
Shoe Pullers
This pair of economy shoe pullers (sometimes also called 'pull-offs' is perfect for occasional use of a horse owner needing to remove a pair of shoes that have perhaps become loose or twisted.
Hoof Testers
Hoof Testers
Our standard 'flat' hoof testers offer excellent value. They are 14.5 in. (375 mm) in length with a 4 3/8 x 4 in. (115 x 105 mm) head.

Save Edge Knife Sharpener
Save Edge Knife Sharpener
Save Edge Knife Sharpener, Ideal for sharpening hoof knives
Heritage Farrier GlovesHeritage Farrier Gloves
Heritage Farrier Gloves
Farrier gloves

Save Edge Rasp Handle
Save Edge Rasp Handle
Save-Edge rasp handles are an ideal choice for Save-Edge rasps, but will also fit other rasp types. The brighter colours make them easier to find on the floor of a stable
Vallorbe Wooden Rasp handleVallorbe Wooden Rasp handle
Vallorbe Wooden Rasp handle
Vallorbe Swiss are the manufacturers of the top-of-the-range 912 and Spirit hoof rasps, as well as chainsaw files, and files for watchmaking and many other engineering applications. The Vallorbe wooden rasp handles come in longer and shorter versions. Some people may prefer their feel to plastic rasp handles.
from £7.50

Heavy Duty Wire Brush
Heavy Duty Wire Brush
Heavy Duty wire brush for cleaning hooves out
Small Wire Brush
Small Wire Brush
Small wire brush with handle, Ideal for cleaning hooves

Sanding Blocks can be used for light removal of hoof horn and for tidying up and finishing of the hoof after trimming. Our sanding blocks come with a foam core for ease of use on edges and have a medium grit.
from £0.55