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Hoof Boot Care Kit

We have put together this handy Hoof Boot Care Kit to help you make the most of your Hoof Boots!

If you take good care of your Hoof Boots, they will last much longer. Wear and tear will vary greatly between horses, there are many factors that can effect wear.

But with our Hoof Boot Care Kit you will have all the things you need in one place to keep your Hoof Boots in tip top condition!

Hoof Boot Care Kit contains: 

  • Online Equine Hoof Powder -  To help keep boots and hooves dry
  • Wooden Mud Brush - To remove any stubborn mud clumps
  • Hoof Pick - To remove any stones from the treads
  • Velcro Brush - To Clean Velcro fastenings
  • Microfiber drying cloth - To dry boots after cleaning
  • Microfiber Scrubbing sponge - To remove mud, dirt and sweat.
  • Triscrub - To clean and disinfect boots and hooves.

All in a handy bag and with a cloth and sponge colour option of Teal, Dark Grey, Light Grey or Clay.

A prefect present for any Hoof Boot User! 

Online Equine Hoof Boot Care Kit - TEAL OUT OF STOCK

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