Gibbins Trimming Apron

Gibbins Trimming Apron Spruce
Gibbins Trimming Apron SpruceGibbins Trimming Apron Pink

Product Description

The Gibbins Flamemaster Trimming Apron is ideal for hoof trimming in the paddocks without having to continuously pick your tools off the ground. The side pockets will accommodate a rasp or hoof nippers as well as knives. The Flamemaster upper is made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester and combines state of the art technology in flame retardant finishing with the hard-wearing and aesthetic properties of cotton rich polyester blends.

The Trimming Apron comes in one size and is 28 ins. (72 cm) in length.  Choice of Velcro or Snap leg fastenings.

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