Equitech Mud Stop

Equitech Mud Stop

Product Description

Mud Stop is a unique "water activity control" approach to managing Mud Fever and Rain Scald.

Excessive exposure to moisture, mud and its consequences are an inevitable part of life in Britain.The effects on your horse and its hooves can be unpleasant, damaging and difficult to manage.

In particular, conditions commonly known as "Mud Fever", "Rain Scald" and "Thrush" are widely accepted to be a problem associated with a wet environment and consequent difficulties in hygiene management.
Obviously reducing the exposure to excessive moisture is an ideal start - if you can’t stop the water,  then control the water activity on the skin.

Equitech Mud Stop Anti-Bacterial Gel offers the benefits of Mud Stop Spray  in a hand-applied Gel for those who prefer this form of application or in situations where the horse reacts adversely to sprays.

Equitech Mud Stop Disinfectant Cream has a highly unusual formulation which, unlike most ointments and creams, contains virtually no water, oil or greases. It is again designed to control water activity but has a higher level of surface active materials to help keep the area clean, support the effect of the antibacterial disinfectants and thus provide an environment which supports the natural healing processes.

Mud Stop Cream is usually used once the scabs have fallen off and the horse is less sore to the touch. Applied ideally twice a day reducing to once as healing progresses it will help control the accumulation of debris, make it easy to clean with cold or lukewarm water and will help minimise and clean off any hard scab formation. Unless the lesions are extensive a "butter pat" sized portion is sufficient. It readily washes off and is easy to remove from hands and clothes.

Equitech Mud Stop Disinfectant Shampoo is an exceptionally mild shampoo and liquid soap with antibacterial and antifungal activity. Powerful yet safe.

For further information on Mud Stop, this article by Chris Colles entitled Equine Pastern Dermatitis is very interesting.

Mud Stop is a revolutionary new way to control Mud Fever


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