Equine Fusion All-Terrain Ultra Hoof Boots

Equine Fusion All-Terrain Ultra
Equine Fusion All-Terrain UltraEquine Fusion  All-Terrain Ultra SoleEquine Fusion All Terrain Ultra

Product Description

The Equine Fusion All-Terrain Ultra combines the best features of two earlier models in the Equine Fusion range. The All Terrain Ultra has the deeper, grippier sole tread of the All Terrain, with the front and back hoof strap closures of the Ultra.

The company were concerned that, owing to lower limb conformation, some horses and ponies  move forward with a slight twisting of the hoof during contact with the ground. This obviously presents a challenge to hoof boot manufacturers since boots may swivel on the hoof even when the fit is correct. The All Terrain Ultra aims to address this issue and, from our observation, though this boot might be more difficult to put on than some other boots, is very secure on the hoof once properly fitted.

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The Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Hoof Boot - a winning fusion for more challenging terrain

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