Easyboot RX Hoof Boot

Easyboot RX Therapeutic Hoof Boot

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The Easyboot Rx is perfect for horses requiring a therapy boot that offers comfort and support, without being heavy & unsightly

The Rx has been designed to aid horses recovering from an array of hoof ailments such as Laminitis, Chronic Lameness, Founder, Abscesses, Bruised Soles, Corns & Thin Soles.

Each Easyboot Rx Hoof Boot comes fitted with a 6mm comfort pad as standard and these can be replaced like for like or switched out to a 12mm comfort pad if necessary.

The Rx is also very useful for minimising fatigue in horses that are travelling long distances in lorries or trailers or that spend extended periods of time standing on hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac.

The Rx is not designed to be used as a riding boot, It is more suited for use on the stable & yard with light, restricted turnout.

Fitting is simple, The front of the boot folds down to give a large opening and doesn’t require any force to put on. The hook and loop tab system is super quick to do up and with a couple of pulls on the tabs the boot can be removed.


Replacement Comfort Pads can be purchased in two different sizes and three different densities.


Measuring and Fitting Instructions


The Easyboot RX Hoof Boot is designed to offer light therapy to lame horses

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