Easyboot Glove Soft Wide Hoof Boot

Easyboot Glove Soft
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Product Description

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The Easyboot Glove has been Easycare's most popular boot since its launch way back in 2009, It has undergone a few changes and design tweaks in that time but with the New Glove Soft Easycare have gone back to a soft fabric gaiter without the rubber cover of the 2016 gaiter. It is a close fitting, unobtrusive hoof boot favoured by all riders from hackers to endurance riders.

NB. The Easyboot Glove Soft best suits hooves which do not grow flare and are on a short trimming cycle. 



Easycare say this is the closest you can get to barefoot!

Measuring and Fitting


A wider fitting version of the standard Easyboot Glove Soft hoof boot

 Sold in singles


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