Easyboot Fit Kit

Easyboot Fit Kit

Product Description

The Easyboot Fit Kit is an excellent tool to determine the correct size of boot for your horse before the boots are actually bought. The Fit Kit applies only to the Easyboot Glove and Glove Back Country.

These styles  require a snug fit and selecting the correct size is essential. Each shell has only four millimeters of difference between  sizes. These boots are best  suited for horses on a four week or shorter trim cycle or horses that have  maintenance rasping between professional trims. Use of a rubber mallet is  recommended for application of the Easyboot Glove.

The Fit Kit includes three sizes - the size you have selected and the one above and below it. Please clean and return the Fit Kit once you have tried it. Your payment will be refunded once the shells arrive back with Online-Equine.co.uk


Easyboot Glove hoof boot fit kit

Refunded on Return

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