Cavallo Therapeutic Gel Pads

Cavallo Gel Sole Pad

Product Description


The Cavallo Therapeutic  Gel Pad -

is for temporary therapeutic use with all Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots. The Gel  Pad is made from specially
formulated 'Thermoplastic Elastomer' to provide:

- Great shock absorption
- Sole, Bar and Frog stimulation
- Extra cushioning
- Increased circulation to sole, bar and frog
- Minimise fatigue
- Tighter fit.

- Additional comfort during injury rehabilitation

The pads are marked with the boot sizes - Regular or Slim, sizes 0 - 6. Simply cut the pattern to fit for your Cavallo
boot size and insert into boot.



For temporary therapeutic use with all Cavallo hoof boots. Cut to fit Sizes 0 - 6. Sold in pairs.

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