Cavallo Support Pad

Cavallo Gel Sole Pad

Product Description

The Cavallo TPU Support Pad is moulded from specially formulated industrial grade thermoplastic urethane compound to help absorb everyday shock and provide your horse with additional comfort while out hacking.

Cavallo’s Enhanced Hoof Protection Support  Pad inserted into your hoof boot absorbs shock on hoof strike and minimizes fatigue.

- Increased comfort

- Tighten Fit. Can be added to increase the snugness of a fit, especially after a fresh trim

- Extra cushioning

- Extends boot life

- Eases shock

- Relieves impact

For use with any Cavallo Hoof Boot in sizes 0 - 6. Choose Regular or Slim. on the side of the pad and cut to size.

Removeable insole for additional support and enhanced hoof protection in Cavallo hoof boots. Sold in pairs

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