Cavallo Pastern Wraps

Cavallo Pastern Wrap

Product Description


The Cavallo Pastern Wrap is designed to complement the Cavallo Hoof Boot range where there is any concern about chafing or rubbing.

For those who would like additional protection, we offer the Cavallo Pastern Wraps (sold in sets of two). The pastern wraps offer an extra layer of protection for your horse’s soft skin when you ride.

  • Velcro the Cavallo wrap around the hoof, keeping it low to the ground around the bottom of the bulb and drawing the elastic diagonally upward from back to front.
  • Place the boot on the hoof, toe first, ensuring that the wrap lies flat. Velcro the red tab from the pastern wrap onto the red Velcro on the tongue of the boot.
  • Carry on your boot fastening procedure as normal.

Small - for boot sizes 0 - 1

Medium - for boot sizes 2 - 3

Large - for boot sizes 4 - 6

Size 8 - For Big Foot Boot (Draught horses)

Size 10 - For Big Foot Boot (Draught horses)

Cavallo Pastern Wraps - Sold in pairs

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