Bar and Sole Rasp Original

Bar and Sole Rasp Original

Product Description

The horn of the hoof sole in domestic horses often becomes deteriorated or grows excessively thick in some areas. The Bar & Sole Rasp provides you with an additional means of cleaning out decayed horn to promote optimal hoof health. These rasps have a varied curve that provides multiple ways to grip and apply the aspects of their active surface. This shape allows you to clean both the broader arc of the sole and the tighter curves near the bars and heels. In addition, it has a tapered point for picking, cleaning and scraping. It easily chops packed dirt from the sole and effectively scrapes grit out of the grooves along the sides of the frog or from cracks in the white line and wall. There are several one and two hand grips for these actions. Using the point in this way prevents you from dulling your hoof knife, nippers, and flat hoof rasp on sand or gravel embedded in the white line. The Bar & Sole Rasps are easier to use than a hoof knife and give you more precise, gradual control as you remove unhealthy or excess horn from the sole and bars They can be used in either one or two hand grips.

A 'U' shaped rasping tool with curved 'knife teeth' for cleaning bars and sole. These teeth 'shave' rather than scrape.

The Bar and Sole Rasp-1 has a half-round form with pointed rasp style teeth. These teeth are particularly effective in grinding down rough sole horn but leave a rougher finish than the Knife Tooth SR-2.

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