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Easyboot Transition
Easyboot TransitionEasyboot TransitionEasyboot Transition

Product Description

The Easyboot Transition offers a degree of shock absorption and support that has previously never been seen in a hoof boot.

The leather and soft weave fabric construction of the upper provides a comfortable fit to protect the hoof and pastern from potential damaging hazards such as rocks, low branches etc. The polyurethane bumper provides additional protection and is moulded to the sole to provide a supportive midsole for the horse.

The boot is complete with industrial strength hook and loop straps, Reflective details for low light safety and a semi aggressive tread proven over multiple terrains.

Although a very successful boot, the Transition is being discontinued by Easycare in favour of other boot developments. Remaining stock is available at special pricing.



Soft Durable Upper protects the area that takes the most abuse.


Hook & Loop Straps allow for precise fit adjustments.


The Outsole & Cavity Cushions provide a close-to-the ground fit.


Trail-Proven Tread excels in multiple riding disciplines.

Measuring and Fitting Instructions


 The Easyboot Transition Hoof Boot is suitable for light therapy and light work

Sold in singles

**Remaining stock 1 x 00, 2 x 0, 5 x 5**


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