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Easyboot Glove
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Product Description

The Easyboot Glove is a slim fitting boot designed for the performance horse. The semi-aggressive tread has been proven time and time again over a wide range of terrain. The Flexible shell allows the boot to move in accordance with the natural flex of the hoof.

The Glove Gaiter is made of dense double layer neoprene which provides a snug and comfortable fit for the horse and minimises the risk of chaffing or rubbing. Power straps are available for an even better fit 

Fit Kit available for this hoof boot


Reinforced Gaiter features a smooth surface and a dual layer of neoprene.


Semi-Aggressive Tread has proven successful over various terrain.


Flexible Shell stretches for a smooth, snug fit.


Optional Power Strap for an even better fit.

Measuring and Fitting


 The Easyboot Glove is a form- fitting hoof boot that is extremely easy to apply

Sold in singles


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